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The number of hair on the head is around 100.000 pieces, and grow about 1 inch (2.5 cm) each month. Normal hair fall (or loss) is less then 50 pieces a day, but if it is more than 50 pieces, then it must be found out the cause and treatment.

Hair Treatment

The pattern of hair loss in men and women differ in the process. In men, hair loss initially starting from the forehead, forming the 'M' letter, and then gradually change the form to be the letter 'U' alike, or a horseshoe. In women, the hair loss process starts from the center line of the hair to gradually extend to the side and form an oval or the letter 'O'.

Prior to treating hair loss, it would be better if find out first, what the cause is. The use of medical products that sold freely in the market may not be able to cure hair loss fully. The use of a hair tonic which is sold in the shops is not always the solution to grow the hair. It would be better if we come and ask the experts to find the cause.

Some of the things that cause hair loss in women include the stress, unhealthy diet, menopause or entering the age of 45 years and over, hormonal disorders caused by diseases (such as thyroid disorders, lupus), a chemotherapy drug (cancer) and other factors because of heredity/genetic, often referred to as Androgenic Alopecia.

All the above types of causes of hair loss can usually be recovered and start growing back if treated promptly. Hair growth is in line with the phase of the growth (anagen) that takes into the process for 3-4 years. Next, transition phase (katagen), the growth of hair cells begin to slow down and tend to stop growing for 3-4 weeks. Finally, the resting phase (telogen), where the hair follicles begin to shrink and move off of the surface of the head that take into the process for 3-4 months.

After passing the final phase, the new hair will grow back to replace hair loss. However, hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia or heredity factors may become the failure of hair growth. This is the type of hair loss most often found in women and men. The solution, treatment of the body must be carried out, so that hair growth is more effective.

Body treatment performed by consuming the types of foods that contain nutrients, such as foods high in protein, low carbohydrate, and low fat. Specifically, the required substances are protein, vitamin A, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, biotin and minerals like iron, zinc and copper. These substances are often ignored, but it plays an important role in the occurrence of hair loss.

Especially when menstrual periods, or during pregnancy, women tend to be prone to anemia or iron deficiency so that they must consume foods that contain iron, such as green vegetables, red meat, and liver.

Supporting tips for hair health treatment:

  1. Be diligent to exercise, because regular exercise will improve blood circulation, including blood circulation to the scalp which will nourish the hair.
  2. Stop smoking and reduce the consumption of caffeine, both these substances are not good for the hair growth.
  3. Protect the head (scalp) from direct sunlight.
  4. Avoid stress and uncontrolled emotions. Stress will interfere with the body's metabolism and the impact of hair to fall out.
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