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Blogger logoBlogspot (, website: Blogspot(external link) is a blog publishing service founded by Pyra Labs, and was acquired by Google in 2003. Someone who wants to create a blog must have an account in google email (gmail), because it is a service by google.

Blogspot advantages:

  1. Supported by google, the leader of the web, with unlimited bandwith.
  2. Rich in gadget choices
  3. One email can be used to create ​​more than one blog
  4. CSS and HTML files can be edited and modified necessarily
  5. Easy way to set page elements
  6. Ease in changing the color themes and others through the HTML code
  7. Can install HTML and Javascript created by the blog’s owner
  8. Blogspot is more rapid indexed by Google
  9. It is suitable for business
  10. Easily and fits perfectly with google adsense and other ads company (monetizing the website)

Blogspot disadvantages:

  1. No HTML meta tags keyword, tend to be static.
  2. Template design is only a little
  3. Unable to create sub category posts
  4. Less variation in the finished template design
  5. Blogspot only provide a file to upload images, othe files such as zip, doc, xls, ect. Are not provided.
  6. There is no complete statistical data


WordPress logoWebsite: link) WordPress is an open source application which is popularly used as a blog engine. WordPress is built using PHP programming language and MySQL database. PHP and MySQL, both of which are open source software. Aside from being a blog, WordPress is also applied as a CMS (Content Management System) for its ability to be modified and tailored to the needs of its users.

Wordpress advantages:

  1. Provides plenty of themes to choose.
  2. More widgets.
  3. Dashboard is complete.
  4. Can add a new page.
  5. Provides automatic anti-spam.
  6. Provide plenty of plug in because it is open source.
  7. The CMS can be downloaded and run offline or installed in another web hosting (use own domain by migrating to
  8. Provides a file upload to a document and image.
  9. Could create a category posts.
  10. Can make a sub category.

Wordpress disadvantages:

  1. Can not be used for business.
  2. To change the page element, it takes a little knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  3. No support for javascript.
  4. Can not edit or change the themes such as HTML and css unless paid.
  5. Some features may be confusing for non-experience user.
  6. Can not place ads unless you pay for that.