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  1. Choose a lightweight bag and is easy to carry. You'll feel bothered when you have to carry luggage along the railway station. Especially when the train is a bit crowded.

    Just select a rather large backpack. We can also choose backpack with wheels, so it can still be brought by way of being dragged like a luggage. If forced to use a luggage, choose a light and durable one that has wheels and a handle.

    It could also split the luggage in two small bags, because, two small bags are easier to carry than carrying a huge bag.

  2. Pack multi-purpose goods. After getting a lightweight bag, the next is what items should you bring? First, of course clothing. Bring black clothes. In case of long distance travel, you should wear this clothe, without getting a chance to change clothes.

    Also, a black dress is easily mixed and matched, so no matter if you wear the same clothes over and over again. If you wear black clothes, no one will notice you've been wearing the same black dress three times in a row. Get around the black outfit with different accessories or scarves.

    The luggage also become lighter and you can simply wash clothes once or twice. For footwear, we can bring a pair of shoes and one sandal. For toiletries, carry enough liquid soap, face soap, towels, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Bring these items in small sizes.

  3. Put a small bag with you. When you put a larger bag in the ceiling of the carriage, you should tie a strong rope in your bag. So this can give you a sense of security against the possibility of theft that might happen in the carriage.

  4. Keep valuables such as wallets, mobile phones, train tickets, your identity card, and other important things in a small bag so you can keep more easily, as well as more easily when you need a moment to look at these objects.
    Be prepared to travel a long night. Leave an empty space in your bag to put a small pillow and light blanket that you can use when you take a night rest in the train. 
    Keep your valuables. If you want to go to the restroom or stop briefly to stretch the muscles that are stiff due to travel long distances, you should always carry a small bag with you, and beware of your other bags.

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