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But you do not need to worry. In the previous article, with the old version of Yahoo! Mail, we already know how to setup Yahoo POP into MS Outlook. Here are the steps for setting up Yahoo! Mail new version to MS Outlook, especially MS Outlook 2007, for MS Outlook 2003 please read Download Your Free Yahoo! Email Service into Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Go to or open web link) Clik link menu Account Information.
    Everything Yahoo
  2. Enter your Yahoo!ID and password. Yahoo will display the Account Info as below:
    Yahoo Account Info
  3. Choose Set language, site, time zone. Yahoo will display the menu as below.
    Yahoo! Asia

    You can choose Regional and Language Sites to Yahoo! Asia or Yahoo!  United Kingdom. Please select one of these two. For the time zone, leave as-is, or select which one you prefer. Click the I accept or Save button.
  4. Now open your Yahoo! Mail , click Options drop down menu and select Mail Options in the upper left and click the Forwarding menu. If the setting of your Account Info in Yahoo is done correctly, then the OPTIONS tab Yahoo will appear as follows:
    Access Yahoo! Mail via POP

    Select Access Yahoo! Mail via POP, then close the tab OPTIONS menu by clicking on a cross sign on the right side tab OPTIONS menu and save. Setting POP in Yahoo server is complete. The next step is setting POP mail on MS Outlook.
  5. Open your MS Outlook. Select the menu Tools - Account Settings ..., and click the New... button.
    In the Add New E-Mail Accounts, Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP and click the Next button. Input the name, email, password as requested by the MS Outlook, then click the Next button. At this stage, MS Outlook will try to connect to Yahoo server automatically. If this stage fails, then do the process manually. Therefore, select Manually configure server settings so that the display is as shown in the picture:

    Add New E-Mail Account
  6. Click the Next button. In the field Outgoing mail server (SMTP):, fill in according to your ISP's smtp. Contact your ISP and ask SMTP if necessary.
  7. Select the More Settings...  button, choose Outgoing Server tab menu. Put a check mark in My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and select Log on to incoming mail before sending mail servers, as shown below: 

    Internet E-Mail Settings

  8. Click OK, then test account settings. If all goes normally, then it will appear as below:

    Test Account Setting
  9. That is, setting Yahoo in MS Outlook is completely finished. You may receive and send emails as usual. Click Close, Next, Finish, and Close. Please in trying to receive and send messages.
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