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Positive self-image can be identified through the following charateristics:

  1. Have a strong self-confidence. Strong sense of confidence that can be developed by learning to like oneself. For that, this person should be able to suppress negative thoughts such as low self-esteem, envy, and selfish and take the strength (positive side) that a person has to continue develop.
  2. Ambition and goal oriented. Ambitions and goals should be tailored to the capabilities that a person has. By having ambition and goals, someone will have a clear purpose in life and not be swayed by any circumstance. The work that is performed daily will be very meaningful and valuable because it is part of the process to achieve the ambition and goal.
  3. Well organized and efficient. A very good habit to develop so that one is not accustomed to delay things and wasting time. The trick, of course by finishing all the work on time.
  4. "Be able". This attitude will automatically follow if a person thinks positively. By being able to, problems which seem difficult to handle becomes easy, because a positive mind "capable" would pave the way to find various alternative solutions to a problem that is difficult to overcome.
  5. Have a pleasant personality. One must always avoid the mind being a shy, aloof, and scared.
  6. Being able to control oneself. A person can control the entire life if that person left the habit of looking for self-pleasures such as smoking, over-eating, and drunk. Thus, the person will not be controlled by that person’s bad habits but will be exempted from these bad habits forever.
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