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That is a piece of the view in Tomea, a small group of islands that make up the Wakatobi-short of Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, and Binongko-part of Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia. This regency tha is nominated as a national park and is famous as a beautiful diving site besides Bunaken in North Sulawesi Province, and Raja Ampat in Papua Province. According to the local goverment, there are 25 clusters of coral reefs, 112 coral species from 13 families and 93 species of fish.

Sunset at Wakatobi (courtesy of Flickr)

However, the beauties of Wakatobi not only exist underwater, but also on its mainland. One of them is in the village of Bukit Tomea (Tomea Hill) Kahyanga, Tomea Island. Top of the hill is a far-ranging green savanna. When it comes to dry season, savanna is reddish brown.

Tomea Hill

Tomea hill (courtesy of Kompas)

At the peak of Bukit Tomea, we can also find fossilized giant clams and the cluster of rocks strewn everywhere. Probably, the top of this hill was once the seabed.

Sitting on a fossil rock and looking at dark-blue-colored Flores Sea, we can enjoy a romantic sunset while eating kasuami and fried parende fish, typical foods at Wakatobi.

Kasuami is grated cassava and then steamed. This is main food in addition to rice for Wakatobi local.

How to reach Wakatobi

We can go to Wakatobi by plane from Jakarta to Makassar and continue the flight to the island of Wangi-Wangi, the capital of Wakatobi. At Wangi-Wangi, we must stay one day at a hotel or inn to wait for speedboat that will pick us up to Tomea next day.

The speedboat departs at 10:00 from the port Wanci in the middle of Bajau tribe.

The journey takes two to three hours of passing Banda Sea. If lucky, we will meet a flock of dolphins playing in the sea. In certain seasons, in fact, you could see the whales.

The speedboat arrives in Port Usuku at midday. Sometimes it docks in the Port Waha. At the port, a group of taxi drivers or public transporter welcomes us. In addition, there are some women who offer distinctive Tomea woven fabric that is light colored.

From the port, we go straight to the beach in the village Teetimu Kulati. This clean white sandy beach is hidden among the valleys of the cliff. The environment is quiet enough. There are only children who are swimming at the beach and some fishermen who are looking for reef fish and clams. They say the sea was a giant refrigerator. If they are hungry, they go to the sea for catching some fish and animals on the beach and eating them at the same time.

Around the Village Kulati, there are several other beaches. Waving palm and coconut trees, pure white sand, brown coral, toska blue sea, and the fresh wind are greeting on us there.

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