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Plumeria (Frangipani) tree is known as an ornamental plant. In a garden, this tree can be used as a point of interest. Its wooden trunk grows with unique and very distinctive branches as fingers (finger-like). The leaf is lanceolate shaped, quite large and elongated. The flower size is quite large with five petals, trumpet-shaped and appeared assembled, increasingly supported by the bright color.
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Along with the development of minimalist home, the minimalist garden is also following. Minimalist home is a home that tend to be simple, has a strict lines, straight, and stiff. The objective is to maximize the existing space. Same with minimalist home, minimalist garden also tend to form simple, clean, straight, firm, relatively few plant species, with a quiet color.
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A relaxed atmosphere will be more comfortable if the sitting room has a slick and efficient arrangement of furniture and has a comfortable circulation and layout among the spaces. For homes with limited land, the living room which is identical to family room has multifunctional roles. This room could serve as a place to eat, watch television, play area, even for a child's learning.
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Judging from its primary function to call and send short messages (SMS), mobile phone actually no longer a luxury gadget. In the market, there has been available a variety of types of cheap-cost mobile phones. The main reason people buy and use mobile phone is simple, expected to be contacted or contact others anytime and anywhere. However, there are times when the expectation is not happening, like when the phone signal suddenly lost.
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Energy sources such as fuel oil and coal are including in the energy source that can not be renewable. Uncontrolled consumption of these conventional energy sources and excessive use can cause shortages or depleted altogether. If we want to prolong the existence of conventional energy sources, we must begin to use various kinds of alternative energy.